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First impressions are critical – you will never get a second chance to make a first impression. We all know that psychologists say that others form an impression about you in a matter of seconds. It is vital therefore that you are controlling as many of the circumstances you can especially when you are at important functions, business meetings or any form of networking.

Here are 7 tips to help you make the best first impression:

1. Do research

Make it your business to know who is who and research names and positions. You’ll be several steps ahead in the ‘getting to know you’ game.

2. Be positive

Being upbeat and positive leaves others with a great feeling in response to you because it’s truly contagious.

3. Take notes

Not only will it help you remember things from the meeting but you will also appear conscientious and detailed.

4. Learn names quickly

You will impress the people you are meeting with your memory, of course, and you will also be able to keep notes and ideas associated with the right people. This comes in really handy when you meet more people than you were expecting.

5. Listen

You not only gain insights into their opinions and ideas but it also makes them feel important!

6. Be organised

Have documents in order and make sure you have enough copies, and a spare pen, before you get there. Know in what order you want to discuss your points. Let them see that you plan ahead and know how to organise your thoughts.

7. Be polite

Nothing impresses as much as good manners and kindness.

The ways to improve the first impression you make all have to do with your behaviour. It can make the difference not only in whether they remember you, but how they remember you as well!


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