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While it’s easy to acknowledge the importance of the customer, it’s not always so easy to keep them in mind every day. I wanted to show you find 3 ways to help you do that in today’s blog. First let’s recap just WHY it’s so important for a small business owner or entrepreneur to keep the focus squarely on the customers.

First, having a very clear picture of your target customer and what’s important to them, makes it much easier to tailor your product or service to have the greatest appeal. It also makes it easier to get your message across to them effectively.

A further benefit is that having a clear picture of your customer makes it easier to know the best way to advertise to them.

Next, customers can be a great source of ideas and feedback for both new products and also improvements to your existing offers.

Finally, happy customers can be a great source of new business through recommendations and referrals. Conversely, few things will damage your business more than unhappy customers…especially in today’s connected world where social media makes it easy to spread news and opinion.

So, it’s essential to stay close to your customers and understand both what they want and their concerns. Here are 3 simple ways to do that…

Action Step 1: Listen To Your Customers

One formula for success in business is to find out what people want…and then give it to them! Possibly the easiest way to find out what people want is…simply ask.

It’s a big risk to assume that you know what your customers want. So ask then directly and pay close attention to what they have to say. Also, seek out their feedback whenever possible. Customer service can be a very valuable source of information for you.

Action Step 2: Go The Extra Mile

Look for ways you can step up and impress your customers. It need not necessarily cost a great deal. For example, one company leaves a small gift in your car after it has been serviced. Or send a “Thank You” note to a new customer.

Action Step 3: Reward Your Current Customers

One of the hardest (and most expensive) things to do in business is to acquire a new customer. So it makes no sense whatsoever to not take good care of existing customers. Yet many businesses do just that and chase new business, often at the expense of ignoring, even upsetting, current customers.

Don’t make that mistake. On a regular basis do something for your customers and reward them for their business. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Take these 3 action steps on a regular basis and you’ll be rewarded with a deeper understanding of your customers along with a stronger relationship that will pay dividends.

To your success


Founder & Lead Trainer at Upfront Communications