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Building Better Connections for your Hybrid Team

The modern workplace is becoming increasingly hybrid. Most employees are no longer working in the same physical space and many of those who work in the same place are working at least part of the time remotely.  This means that companies need to be proactive about...

Managing Conflict in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

As we return to our offices and navigate the next phase of the pandemic, it is essential to be prepared for conflict, tension, and the effects of the pandemic spilling over into the workplace.  Even the most well-managed teams can face challenges when it comes to...

Using DiSC Personality Profiles For Effective Team Working

Is your team trying to just get along without fully understanding each other’s personality profile? That’s like going on a blind date, literally blindfolded! When you pull a team together it’s important that they complement each other and are aware that not all personality traits will align without some conflict.

Good and Bad Examples of Organisational Culture

My trainers were asking me to share with them some examples of really great organisational culture and really bad culture that I see when I go into so many different organisations around Australia weekly. I have recorded short audio describing just one example of what I consider a great culture and one that I find extremely sad and depressing. See for yourself by listening to the audio.

Mastering Business Etiquette

Love it or loathe it, the fact is that there are rules of behaviour in the world of business. Break them and you risk being shunned and excluded. Understand the rules and your business life will go forward more smoothly. Business Etiquette is not about old-fashioned or outdated behaviour. It’s a practical set of guidelines to help you successfully navigate each stage of a successful business relationship.

How to Have More Confidence and Be More Influential

I love to learn and I am loving all the new research that is coming out now about proven techniques we can all use to be, both, more confident and more influential with others. I am excited to share these findings with you in this audio I have just recorded for you.

Assertiveness and Getting What You Want

Few of us like confrontations. You might feel that you’re not in a position to ask for what you really want. With customers, you might feel you have no choice but to do what they want (rather than what you would prefer). So it’s all too easy to let things drift. The problem is that has costs as well.

Getting Your Message Across with Impact

In today’s fast-paced, competitive business world, it’s ESSENTIAL to be able to get your message across quickly, accurately and with IMPACT. That applies both with customers and prospects AND within your organisation where effective communication and coordination is vital to success. Inside your business, not communicating effectively could cause costly problems.