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It can be very confusing! Say you are at a networking event and speaking with a colleague when another person joins your group. In an instant, you have to get it right… you need to know the correct procedure to correctly introduce the two people.


The important rule to learn about introductions is to:


Introduce the person of lesser authority to the person of higher authority.


Say the greater authority’s name first

Always introduce a client to anyone from your organisation

“Mr Client, may I introduce you to one of our partners, Mr Partner.”


Introduce the more senior person in the organisation to the more junior person

Introduce an older person to a younger person

“Mrs Seventy, I’d like you to meet Mr Forty.”


Gender makes no difference at all

It is good to say a little bit about the person as you introduce them

“James works in our accounts department.”

This helps to give each party some information to start a conversation with.


When should I introduce myself?

  • As a guest at a gathering – circulate confidently and introduce yourself
  • At a business meeting or function – introduce yourself to people sitting next to you


When being introduced to someone:

  • Always stand up
  • Smile
  • Shake hands
  • Repeat their name back to them as you say “Hello (name) how do you do?” or “pleased to meet you (name)”


Remember to be confident and always use good body language when introducing yourself. Good luck with your next introduction!


To your success