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Mastering Business Etiquette

Love it or loathe it, the fact is that there are rules of behaviour in the world of business. Break them and you risk being shunned and excluded. Understand the rules and your business life will go forward more smoothly. Business Etiquette is not about old-fashioned or outdated behaviour. It’s a practical set of guidelines to help you successfully navigate each stage of a successful business relationship.

Getting Your Message Across with Impact

In today’s fast-paced, competitive business world, it’s ESSENTIAL to be able to get your message across quickly, accurately and with IMPACT. That applies both with customers and prospects AND within your organisation where effective communication and coordination is vital to success. Inside your business, not communicating effectively could cause costly problems.

3 Action Steps To Take Control And Get Back Some of That Precious Time

Time is probably the most precious asset any business owner, employee or entrepreneur possesses. And once it’s gone…you can’t get it back. Think of all the things you need time for. Time to solve problems. Time to invent, create, think and plan. Time to gather and make sense of information. Time to develop sales, marketing, management and profit breakthroughs. Time to network.

Always Keep The Customer In Mind

While it’s easy to acknowledge the importance of the customer, it’s not always so easy to keep them in mind every day. I wanted to show you find 3 ways to help you do that in today’s blog. First, let’s recap just WHY it’s so important for a small business owner or entrepreneur to keep the focus squarely on the customers.