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Business Etiquette Training

Master the art of winning friends and influencing people in a way that avoids blunders and fits with today’s workplace.

Training Overview

In today’s increasingly informal society, good manners stand out! However, many people in the workforce do not understand the importance of the best way to behave when meeting with colleagues, clients and potential clients.

WeTrain’s interactive Business Etiquette training takes attendees through industry best-practice for all matters concerning office etiquette, first meetings, dining manners and general business courtesy. Our guide to the art of small talk will instil skills that make conversing and connecting with people a breeze.

WeTrain’s style of delivery is interactive, engaging and fun. We encourage participation to make the training dynamic and enjoyable for all attendees.

What You’ll Learn

Like all of WeTrain’s courses, our Business Etiquette course is designed specifically around your individual business needs. Each course differs slightly but here’s an idea of what the training will include:

WeTrain’s Business Etiquette course covers:

  • The new rules to meeting the expectations of the workplace in the 21st century
  • How to avoid making an error which may be embarrassing or costly
  • How to avoid causing offence or creating unintentional problems in a diverse workplace
  • Establishing the differences between phone and online etiquette
  • Business grooming for men and women
  • How to look professional and approachable in the workplace
  • Meeting and greeting the professional way, including the art and science behind the perfect handshake
  • Creating a great first impression before you’ve opened your mouth
  • How to create a rapport that puts clients at ease and makes them feel like they’ve known you for years
  • The ten fundamental principles to small talk and niceties and being able to progress naturally
    from this to business topics
  • How to network like a pro so that you can build up valuable contacts with ease and respect
  • How to conduct yourself at events outside the office such as meetings, conferences and business dinners
  • How to be liked, be successful and admired — WeTrain’s 10 Commandments of Human Relationships
  • How to implement new-found Business Etiquette skills into your workday for great success.

The Benefits of Business Etiquette Training For You and Your Organisation

Your staff are some of your company’s greatest assets and are essential in achieving your business goals and targets. To do this, they need the skills to network and communicate with ease, and to understand how to act appropriately in all situations. The benefits of taking WeTrain’s Business Etiquette course are numerous and specific to each company. However, we commonly receive feedback about these particular benefits:

  • Mutual respect and professionalism create a harmonious and positive workplace environment
  • Your organisation is represented by staff who know exactly how to interact well with clients and make an excellent first impression.
  • Fewer complaints and legal issues as a result of your team’s courteous and respectful behaviour
  • More business thanks to the reputation of your well-mannered and respectful staff
  • A respectful and happy workforce who are constantly improving customer relations

Who Should Attend Business Etiquette Training?

Nearly every person in your organisation deals with customers and other staff members. There are very few people who wouldn’t benefit from taking Business Etiquette training. In our experience, it’s not unusual to find CEOs on the course alongside frontline team members in this type of training. Mutually beneficial for staff and the organisation involved, team members in the following categories are particularly likely to benefit:

  • Any staff members who are in contact with customers or prospective customers
  • Your sales team and sales support staff
  • Any of your organisation’s brand ambassadors
  • All managers
  • Your executive staff including assistants and account execs
  • Teams with diverse backgrounds
  • Staff who interact with international customers and suppliers

As all our courses are tailor-made to your organisation, we will develop a course for any level and audience. Just let us know your requirements.

How is Business Etiquette Training Delivered?

WeTrain’s Business Etiquette course is generally presented as an engaging, interactive and fun one-day program, however we can tailor the content to present a shorter session for conferences and events.

To ensure your training is relevant to your organisation and circumstances, we undertake an initial consultation, where we assess the skill level of your attendees, address your desired outcomes and find out valuable information about your company and its current set-up.

Remember, it’s your course, so you get to decide where it takes place. We are happy to teach WeTrain’s Business Etiquette program either from your workplace or a venue of your choice

Convenient Training at Your Premises or Off-Site

WeTrain can come to your office if you have the right space and facilities to host your training, or we can talk about off-site venues to conduct your training.

What Are Ideal Course Numbers?

Our courses are typically ‘hands-on’, so we suggest keeping numbers to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 people. This allows our trainer to interact with your entire team yet still have enough time to allow for one-to-one interactions.

If your group exceeds 12, we will happily structure your training program to meet the needs of a larger audience. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The WeTrain Advantage—WeTrain’s National Network of Trainers

Catering to all, from single-site businesses to nationwide corporate companies, WeTrain has one of Australia’s largest networks of professional and experienced trainers for corporate communication training programs. Your course will be delivered by a subject expert who is highly practised and has qualified to represent us by attending the WeTrain Institute, our exclusive in-house training program.

Each of our trainers has the minimum qualification of a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment, as well as many years of industry experience. We guarantee your course will be interesting, engaging and informative, with interactive techniques that encourage accelerated learning.




Some of the Organisations
we have worked with include:

In operation for 25 years, WeTrain has worked with companies from around Australia.

What Our Customers Say

“…WeTrain Training Was Nothing Short Of Amazing…The Highest Ratings…For Any Of Our External Providers”

“Judeth was recommended to me as an expert in her field and as a professional trainer, having worked with the University in previous years. The University contracted WeTrain to conduct training sessions with staff nationally.

The response to Judeth’s training was nothing short of amazing and she has set a record for achieving the highest ratings qualitatively and quantitatively for any of our external providers thus far. Judeth’s experience, combined with her skills and teaching abilities enabled staff to enjoy her sessions, acknowledge the value of training and apply the skills learnt immediately in the workplace.

On the administrative side, Judeth is an absolute pleasure to work with and maintains integrity by balancing her levels of contact to ensure they are meaningful, have purpose and provide insight into our continuing relationship.

I look forward to working with Judeth again and plan to include her in my strategic Learning and Development plan over the next few years.

On behalf of myself, my direct reports and the staff of ACU National, thank you Judeth!”

Monique Kinerson, Manager, Learning and Development, ACU National

“WeTrain recently ran a series of soft skills training programs for our finance department at Vodafone. We would highly recommend WeTrain to any company looking to up-skill their staff. We found WeTrain reliable, professional and tailored training to our specific needs. The delegates found the training very valuable and have requested more training from WeTrain.”

Michelle Colbert, Vodafone, Finance Operations & Control

“We have used WeTrain services for the last two years. One of many workshops such as change management, leaders in operations—communicating through conflict, account management for our field team. WeTrain provides exceptional workshops which left the employees with a new vision and awareness of themselves as well as perception in the workplace. The workshops provided engagement through group interaction, using real life scenarios. The team had memorable team-building experiences, which demonstrated the strengths and weaknesses of the team”

Aula Gatei, HR/Payroll, Ontex Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Over the past few years, WeTrain has facilitated a variety of courses for our staff across the country. Everyone has been a success. The inclusive training style is progressive, and brings high-level, fresh thinking and ideas to the team. The sessions have always demonstrated a deep understanding of our business needs. We look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

Chelsea Corbel, Brand Manager, Slater & Gordon Lawyers

“I would also like to congratulate you on a great workshop. Although I didn’t attend, I have only heard positive feedback from those that attended …the entire workshop was enjoyed—it is unusual to run a workshop where the entire content is so positively received. Most comments evolved around—; ‘I wish it just kept going’.”

Jane Cockburn, Cochlear

“…Creating An Immediate Improvement In The Results Of The Attendees From The Training”

“As an organisation we had staff that required or requested additional training and development. The training requirements varied from business unit to business unit. WeTrain created a training package to suit our needs across multiple topics and learning areas.

The delivery approach complemented the staff learning styles and made the engagement fun as well as creating new skills for the attendees. They looked for ways to integrate the principle of the training into the business practices of the organisation and therefore creating an immediate improvement in the results of the attendees from the training.

The range of courses allows us to create a business training package perfect for our organisation.

We gather our own feedback from the staff who attend training courses and the trainer, has always received the highest praise for the delivery and peripherals that go with a training course.”

Todd Eagles, Training And Business Administration, Transact / ACTEW-AGL

“…Staff Inspired, Highly Skilled And Motivated”

“ABB Grain has enjoyed a three-year long relationship with WeTrain.

They offered a variety of skills workshops that have left our staff inspired, highly skilled and motivated. The sessions are sought after by all Business Units within our organisation—; her sessions are highly in demand!”

Alyson Gilbey, Learning & Organisational Development Consultant, ABB Grain Ltd

On behalf of my entire administration team of Antonine College, I wanted to tell you how much everyone enjoyed the training. We all came out of the session feeling refreshed, and I’ve confirmed that each and every one of us will be able to take something back from the training and apply it in our field. I would also like to thank Sue Matthews and the entire team of WeTrain for providing excellent training and services.”

Sister Sayde Bayssari, Antonine College, Office Manager

WeTrain has run several courses for our team including Personal Effectiveness, Team Building and Leadership. They have all been extremely interactive and engaging and given our staff practical tips that they are able to implement straight away. We have been delighted with the quality of the trainers and have received great feedback from all who took part. We look forward to working with WeTrain in the future.

Clare Reid, Office Manager, Transport Refrigeration Services

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