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Telephone Training

Learn how to use a range of skills and tools to increase sales, enhance customer relations and increase productivity.


Training Overview

WeTrain’s Telephone Training course hones your team’s telephone skills, enabling them to deal with all calls in a professional manner—even those really challenging ones.

Beyond phone etiquette, we tailor the course to show your team how to expand their active listening skills so that they can connect with and understand your customer’s needs, and efficiently control any situation.

WeTrain’s style of delivery is interactive, engaging and fun. We encourage participation to make the training dynamic and enjoyable for all attendees.

What You’ll Learn

Like all WeTrain’s courses, our Telephone Training course is explicitly designed for your individual business needs. This means that each course will differ slightly, but to give you an understanding of what we offer, a Telephone Training course will typically cover:

The Course Covers:

  • Using a telephone manner that is both professional and authoritative—we teach your team the secrets behind world-class telephone standards.
  • Breaking down each call into three essential stages and demonstrating how to achieve success with each and every call
  • The tools to be an active and effective listener—so powerful that often the telephonist doesn’t need to do any of the speaking!
  • Shaping your calls—gaining the trust and respect of your customers to achieve a positive and successful outcome.
  • Tips and tricks from the stage and screen that will help telephonists to project a commanding voice over the phone.
  • Good impressions count. Your team will learn the ‘image wreckers’ they need to avoid.
  • Dealing with difficult customers—how to stay calm and in control when dealing with heated situations and angry customers
  • Using the H.E.L.P principles to take control of situations, regardless of how difficult they are.
  • Understanding how and when to use assertive language when dealing with customers.
  • Turning complaints upside down—six ways your staff can take a complaint and transform it into a sales opportunity.
  • Skills to build your team’s confidence so they can deal with all telephone situations.
  • Incorporating your team’s new-found skills and action plan into the workplace.

The Benefits of Staff Telephone Training For You and Your Organisation

Your staff are some of your greatest assets, so it’s important that they get the support and confidence needed to fulfil their roles.

WeTrain’s Telephone Training course will provide them with the necessary skills to produce the best results. Our experience and feedback from previous attendees tells us that the typical benefits of completing the Telephone Training course are:

  • Your organisation is represented by a more skilled and professional-sounding team
  • Your telephonists will deliver a wonderful ‘first impression’ to customers and providers, which boosts your reputation as a world-class organisation
  • An increase in business and earnings due to staff dealing with inbound and outbound calls more effectively
  • More effective handling of calls and better customer service, which leads to retention of current business and an increase in new business

Who Should Attend Telephone Training?

We believe that any member of your staff who deals with calls or customers will benefit from WeTrain’s Telephone Training course. Thousands of workers have undertaken this course from a variety of industries and positions. We have even had customer sales teams take the course alongside their CEOs.

Attendees often include:

  • Staff who represent the frontline of your company and those who deal directly with customers and potential clients
  • Brand ambassadors and staff from your sales and support teams
  • Customer service teams
  • Account and executive assistants throughout your organisation

As WeTrain tailors courses to your unique requirements, we will develop a course that fits with your staff and their needs and circumstances. Please ask.

How is the Course Delivered?

.WeTrain’s Telephone Training course is generally presented as an engaging, interactive and fun one-day program, however we can tailor the content to present a shorter session for conferences and events.
To make sure your training is relevant for your organisation and circumstances, we undertake an initial consultation, where we assess the skill level of your attendees, address your desired outcomes and find out valuable information about your company and its current set-up.

As it’s ‘your’ course, you get to decide where it takes place. We are happy to teach WeTrain’s Telephone Training program either from your workplace or a venue of your choice.

Convenient Training at Your Premises or Off-Site

WeTrain can come to your office if you have the right space and facilities to host your training, or we can talk about off-site venues to conduct your training.

What Are Ideal Course Numbers?

Our courses are typically ‘hands-on’, so we suggest keeping numbers to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 people. This allows our trainer to interact with your entire team yet still have enough time to allow for one-to-one interactions.

If your group exceeds 12, we will happily structure your training program to meet the needs of a larger audience. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The WeTrain Advantage—WeTrain’s National Network of Trainers

Catering to all, from single-site businesses to nationwide corporate companies, WeTrain has one of Australia’s largest networks of professional and experienced trainers for corporate communication training programs. Your course will be delivered by a subject expert who is highly practised and has qualified to represent us by attending the WeTrain Institute, our exclusive in-house training program.

Each of our trainers has the minimum qualification of a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment, as well as many years of industry experience. We guarantee your course will be interesting, engaging and informative, with interactive techniques that encourage accelerated learning.




Some of the Organisations
we have worked with include:

In operation for 25 years, WeTrain has worked with companies from around Australia.

What HR Professionals Are Saying About WeTrain And Their Soft Skills Training Programs

The trainer really sought to understand our working situation in order to customise a Customer Service training program that would support the team in improving their skills in their everyday roles. It was important to me that the training was practical and experiential so that the team related to the potential benefits and felt confident to implement what they had learned day one back in the office. Thankfully this has proven to be the case and has allowed us as team to focus on how we can continue to improve our customer service.The trainer conducted the training in an engaging manner and was constructive and clear on how people could enhance their skills further—again very practical. This was a key part of helping people adjust and improve their approach to their role.“

Ngahina Richards, Head of Commercial Operations

“To any potential users of WeTrain specialised training, I would like to highly recommend their services. We used them to recently to provide Exceptional Customer Service training for our operational staff in the field.

The trainer took the time to come out and see our operations, understand our requirements and build a training package that especially suited our needs. She really understands the intricacies of how operational and field staff can and should provide great customer service and was able to get that message across to our staff in a fun, learning environment.

We are extremely pleased with the result, as many of our staff have commented that they feel more empowered as they now have the tools to deal with tricky situations, understand great communication and general customer service etiquette.

We highly recommend their services as we know you will be as pleased as we are with the end result.”

Steve Eastwood, Director at Acetek

“Thank you for delivering a great workshop that gave our staff the feedback, tips and confidence they needed to deliver professional presentations. The workshops were well considered and catered to the different learning styles and experience levels in our different teams. The sessions were enjoyed by all and very beneficial. I would highly recommend the training”

Santi Burridge, Director, Treysta Wealth Management

“…Staff Inspired, Highly Skilled And Motivated”

“ABB Grain has enjoyed a three-year long relationship with WeTrain.

They offered a variety of skills workshops that have left our staff inspired, highly skilled and motivated. The sessions are sought after by all Business Units within our organisation—her sessions are highly in demand!”

Alyson Gilbey, Learning & Organisational Development Consultant, ABB Grain Ltd

“Judeth Wilson is an exceptional trainer and leader who facilitated rapid learning for me during her Sales presentation training. A woman of high integrity and very approachable. Her humorous style challenged us to stand on our own strengths and express ourselves. A very competent trainer who uses highly effective energy management skills to provide ease of learning. I highly recommend anyone who wishes to grow rapidly in their individual training and sales style to be at one of Judeth's training events.”

Mia Munro, Mia Munro International

“Streeterlaw engaged WeTrain to further develop the skills of all of their staff in “Exceptional Client Service”. We had a combined morning training session for our secretaries and our solicitors as well as an afternoon session just for our solicitors. We have had extraordinarily positive feedback from all of our staff on the benefits of the insights and tips we received from our trainer, on ways in which we could enhance the service provide for our clients at Streeterlaw. The trainer was creative in her presentation style and customised the training to meet our needs. If you are interested in equipping your staff to better serve your clients, then I can highly recommend the “Exceptional Client Service” course run by WeTrain.”

Alison Streeter, HR Director, Streeterlaw

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