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In today’s fast-paced, competitive business world, it’s ESSENTIAL to be able to get your message across quickly, accurately and with IMPACT. That applies both with customers and prospects AND within your organisation where effective communication and coordination is vital to success.

Inside your business, not communicating effectively could cause costly problems. For example, staff not understanding instructions properly can lead to expensive errors, confusion and lost opportunities.

Confusion and lack of clarity can lead to anxiety and unrest…or simply an apathetic workforce. Either way, you end up with unwanted problems.

And, of course, making the right impression with customers, suppliers and business partners is critical to your business success. If you fail to get your message across, you risk frustration and missed opportunities. Worst case, you might even risk failure of your business.

Communicating effectively and getting your message across with impact is not hard. You simply need to know the proven principles and strategies…

…starting with these 3 action steps…

Action Step 1: The Power Of The Positive

The words you habitually use have an effect. If you continually use negative language or approach issues from a negative point-of-view, don’t be surprised if events seem to turn out poorly.

Instead, aim to be positive in what you say. Focus on solutions, rather than problems. Emphasise what you want, instead of what you don’t want.

Action Step 2: What’s In It For Them?

Especially when dealing with customers or outside business partners, remember that they are primarily concerned with what’s important to THEM. Your problems and concerns are, sadly, not of great interest.

So, keep this in mind and make sure you point out in your message “What’s in it for them”.

Action Step 3: Be A Communicator

People can’t be expected to read your mind, so make it a practice to communicate with your team and important partners. Keep them in the loop and give them the whole picture when you can.

Practice these 3 communication actions steps on a regular basis and you’ll avoid needless misunderstandings and get things done faster and more smoothly.

To your success


Founder and Lead Trainer at Upfront Communications