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I’ll admit it – I‘m biased – I much prefer Prezi to Powerpoint – especially for those who are not trained to present and therefore run the risk of boring their audience with Powerpoint slides that are not well designed.

Many businesses are discovering a new presentation tool – Prezi, and getting their staff trained to use it to create more engaging and dynamic presentations.

What are the differences between Powerpoint and Prezi?

Powerpoint is a common standard and most audiences are familiar with it. It leans the presenter towards a linear, fact telling type of presentation and can seem outdated to some audiences. If it is not well thought out it runs the risk of death by Powerpoint’ or at least boredom. Prezi is a tool for a more story telling, movie mode of presentation which is generally more engaging and memorable for the audience. It also encourages the presenter to create a type of presentation that is more akin to how our brains are designed to work, according to neuroscience. Whilst you can use 3d templates to get started, many Prezi pro’s just start with the blank, unlimited canvas and map out the presentation from there. You can create a hierarchy of ideas where you can zoom into the detail or zoom out for the overview or big picture.

As a presenter I find using Prezi encourages a better focus on how I can connect with the audience, forces me to use more images and think about which information is more important.

Word of Warning – Prezi will not make you immune from boring your audience. It is not the tool but the presenter – you, which will determine whether you get your message across. Whichever software you use – You are the main feature. It should support your message not replace you.

Having said that – being able to create Prezi presentations on-line with my virtual team all contributing in real time, makes designing presentations more creative and fun – something most workplaces could do with more of.

If you want to explore how you can update your presenting skills we offer a course that can teach you how to take an existing Powerpoint presentation and convert in into a Prezi one. We will set you on the road to great presentations. Check it out here.

You too could feel like a rock star – when your audiences are saying “Wow! – love your presentation, its so cool – what are you using?”

To your success


Judeth Wilson

Lead Trainer at Upfront Communications