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Leadership Training Courses

Leadership Training Courses

WeTrain’s leadership courses develop the skills of your senior team members and enable them to take control in complex situations. Each course is tailored to the unique requirements of your organisation and the knowledge levels of your staff.

Leadership Training

Overcome the challenges of leading a team to achieve a harmonious environment and better business results.

Introduction to Supervision and Leadership

Leadership and supervision training results in productive staff and effective managers.

Team Building

Achieve better results by building high performance business teams.

Anti-bullying and Harassment

Prevent bullying in your workplace and handle any allegations while proactively protecting your staff and business reputation.

Managing Across Cultures

Bridge the cultural divide for a more harmonious and productive team.

Business Etiquette

Master the art of winning friends and influencing people in a way that avoids blunders and fits with today’s workplace.

Change Management

Make transitions smooth and successful

Coaching and Mentoring

Inspire, motivate and teach the next generation to achieve great things.

Communication Training

Improve communication skills in the workplace to achieve better efficiency and more positive results.

Conflict Management

Learn to manage conflict for better relationships as well as personal and professional growth.

Critical Thinking

Learn to analyse information and clearly reason through problems.

DiSC Personality Profiling

Knowing yourself, your colleagues and your customers can make a huge difference to your business performance.

Emotional Intelligence

Master your emotions for better personal and professional performance.

Employee Engagement

Improve your team’s commitment to your business and to growing their careers with you.

Influence and Persuasion

Influence is about more than winning friends! Learn this important skill for better success in business.

Managing Customer Service

Leadership training courses for managers, for customer service team leaders and managers.

Performance Management

Get more from your staff and better results for your business.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Learn to identify problems, research options, and choose the right solution, no matter what the situation.

Time Management

Achieve more, in less time, without stress.

Train the Trainer

Become an effective and inspirational trainer by mastering the latest in instructional methods and accelerated training approaches.

Workplace Wellbeing

Learn how to reduce stress for a healthier, happier and more productive workplace.

Managing Difficult Customers

Teach your staff to respond appropriately to difficult and demanding customers.

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