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WeTrain scours the nation for the most qualified, experienced and knowledgeable trainers.

Many of our course leaders have extensive experience working for top level corporations or running their own businesses as well as certifications in business education.

Before joining our team, each of our trainers must complete the WeTrain Institute’s ‘Train the Trainer’ program. We also require our trainers to participate in ongoing professional development programs in order to remain on the cutting edge of business education.


WeTrain CEO Judeth Wilson is a recognised and respected international authority in the corporate training industry. She has over 20 years’ experience in creating and designing proven, successful, soft-skills training courses using the science of ‘Accelerated Learning’. Judeth has a BA in Journalism, is an Advanced Toastmaster, Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and has an Australian Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.


Steven Valentine is a corporate trainer and professional business coach, specialising in leadership and team communication strategies. Steven has successfully worked across the spectrum of large corporations to small businesses in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and North America.

Steven is an ICF trained Coach with over 1500 hours of coaching individuals on Leadership, Personal Development, Business Management Strategies and Effective Communication. With 15 years’ experience of soft skills training and facilitation to large and diverse groups, Steven is able to build immediate trust with individuals, He draws out insight, empowers, motivates and inspires a collaborative and inclusive approach to group decision making and problem-solving.


Sarah Savvas is a corporate trainer who specialises in driving sales through exceptional customer service. With a degree in Media and Communications and qualifications in Business Management and Corporate Training—as well as having owned two hospitality-based businesses of her own—Sarah has a keen understanding and appreciation for the importance of exceptional service when looking to increase sales and grow a business.

Sarah’s training is focused on showing course delegates how to develop communication skills to achieve a new level of understanding, cohesiveness and productivity.


Alexina Baldini is a psychologist with over 25 years of experience providing support to organisations and individuals involved in workplace change and adaptation. She has specialist expertise in assisting recovery from workplace trauma, providing psychological services from early intervention through to focused rehabilitation services. Alexina also has a background in human resources and workforce development and training. Alexina’s qualifications include a Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training, an Advanced Certificate in Supervision, a Bachelor in Behavioural Sciences, a Graduate Diploma in Adolescent and Child Psychology, and a Master of Psychology (Forensic).


Engaging Corporate Trainer | Facilitator | NLP Master Practitioner

Karin’s learning and development career spans 20 years. Her expertise lies in her understanding of neuroscience and its application in empowering others to elevate their competence and confidence in communication, working with others, managing time, sales and service excellence.

Karin is passionate about organisations providing exceptional experiences for all their customers – ‘good’ is simply not good enough in this age. Every interaction with a customer-influences whether or not they will come back, so you have to be great every time. Karin’s years of success in highly competitive retail and health sales roles were built on her ability to develop rapport and trust quickly and they were honed by her ability to surprise and delight her customers in every interaction. She now leverages this expertise and knowledge to positively impact her training participants, at all levels and across a wide range of industries.

Karin delivers dynamic, highly interactive training sessions which ensure everyone is engaged, entertained and educated. Her warmth and approachability put people at ease and enables her to deliver learning objectives with clarity while adapting content to individual needs. She has designed and delivered training solutions for clients in the healthcare, telecommunication, IT, security, retail, finance and education sectors.

This experience is enriched by qualifications in Training and Assessment, Neurolinguistic Programming, Neurofeedback and Pharmacy. Karin is also REACH certified.


Angela O’Connell has over 20 years’ experience in consumer and corporate sales environments and brings practical skills, passion, and know-how to the training room. Working with the principles of DiSC, Angela has a deep understanding of the behaviour that motivates and drives individuals, and the strategies required to optimise team results. Her experiences and stories are relatable, which makes her training interactive and engaging for delegates.

In addition to years of business and personal experience, Angela has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and is accredited in DiSC. Her love of training, combined with her exuberant and dynamic approach, ensures your team will be empowered and inspired, and most importantly, equipped with the tools to take your business to the next level.


Kylie has over 15 years of training and management experience in public and private business settings. She delivers a variety of training programs to teams and businesses, focusing primarily on how communication affects leadership, team dynamics, relationships and productivity within a team. Using a variety of training techniques including the DiSC communication tool, workplace motivators, games, videos, discussion groups, case studies and role-play activities, Kylie is committed to providing a dynamic, interactive and educational experience.


Neville Smith has over twenty years’ experience in business management. Working for two of Australia’s biggest retailers, he has been responsible for hundreds of staff over this time. For years, Neville has managed both large and small teams, helping to shape a positive outcome regardless of the task or location. He has been teaching Business Writing since 2012 as part of his current role as a Trainer and Facilitator.

Being excited about the learning experience and believing in his responsibility to teach delegates something new, valuable and highly relevant is important to Neville. Using a variety of training techniques in consultation with the client, he ensures every course is dynamic, interactive and educational.


Jill’s learning and development career spans 20 years. She has worked internationally with all levels of management and staff to achieve better business outcomes. Her passion is empowering others by elevating their levels of competence and confidence.

Jill has designed and delivered training solutions for countless clients, including those in the mining and resource sector, local government, healthcare, telecommunications, education and engineering. Jill’s strengths include her highly interactive style, fun approach, coaching skills and the ability to create an environment in which participants feel able and confident to try new skills. Jill has a BSC (Hons) in Psychology and Cert IV in workplace assessment and training. She is also accredited in DiSC, Situational Leadership II, EQ10 (Emotional Intelligence) and Insights Discovery.

Kirstyn Haywood

With over 20 years of expertise, Kristyn is an experienced Leadership Educator, Executive Coach, and Facilitator. She has designed and delivered hundreds of transformational leadership and communication programs across three continents, in both the public and private sectors. Specialising in developing emotionally intelligent and innovative leadership skills, Kristyn aims to inspire and educate leaders at the highest levels of business.

Merryn Snare

Merryn is a registered psychologist and teacher who works with individuals and organisations. Specialising in the area of stress and anxiety, Merryn has supported people from CEOS to teams and team members. She is also the author of Annihilate Stress and Anxiety which was included in the gift bags at the Academy Awards, and she is the creator of the PEARLS of Resilience program.


Dawn Russell is a people strategist who specialises in leadership skills. She helps organisations develop profitable and productive people while creating an internal culture that competitors cannot easily copy. Both an engaging speaker and innovative trainer and facilitator, Dawn has proven, hands-on sales management and leadership experience, having spent more than ten years as an executive with one of the world’s most awarded airlines, Singapore Airlines.


With over 25 years of corporate sales and marketing experience and having owned and run his own successful businesses, Greg has sales expertise worth sharing.

Working both internationally and throughout Australia, Greg has taken the concept of Accelerated Learning to a whole new level. His practical, pragmatic training and coaching is extremely innovative and effective. Greg’s philosophy is to show delegates how to apply actively what they have learned, providing actionable content that can be ‘unleashed’ straight away.


This trainer’s passion for cultivating great team dynamics is evident in the workshops she presents on ‘Effective Supervision and Leadership’. Sue has almost 20 years of experience lecturing at the Great Southern Institute of Technology. Her reputation is as a dynamic and passionate lecturer, and she has been nominated for an Excellence in Teaching Award by students, showing that they appreciate her style and ability to get difficult concepts across in an easily understandable manner. Sue is able to connect with people from all countries and cultures. This has proven invaluable in dealing with both clients and overseas students as they appreciate the effort taken to make them feel at ease.


Rachel is the leading specialist in general Time Management and Timesaving in Outlook. Working with hundreds of clients locally, nationally and internationally, Rachel knows the pressure today’s business environment puts on people’s time, and how difficult it can be to have a work/life balance.

In addition to her years of business and personal experience, Rachel has a wealth of qualifications. This includes a degree in Business, a Diploma in Education, and a current Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training. Rachel is also a Microsoft Office User Specialist and a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner.


Leigh Aitken is a fully qualified trainer and among his numerous qualifications, holds a Diploma in Vocational Education and Training. Leigh facilitates training in some 50 professional and personal development workshops, covering a wide range of topical business issues. He has trained over 7,000 people from hundreds of businesses.

Leigh also works as a coach and mentor, helping business people across a range of industries to develop their skills, knowledge and experience. His extensive experience stems from more than 25 years of working as a senior manager for local, national and international organisations.


Dr Rie Natalenko has spent her life teaching and training people to write in government, business, and the arts, at University, TAFE and high school, in situations ranging from large groups to one-on-one mentoring. Her aim is to help businesses achieve their potential, and this is the focus of her training courses. She is a skilled and charismatic presenter whose presentation skills really make workshops enjoyable.

Dr Natalenko holds a BA(hons) in Literature, a Dip Ed and an Honours Masters degree in Education, a Masters and Doctorate in Writing, and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment.


When you work with Natascha Lavery, clarity, self-direction and motivation increase swiftly. Using her unique blend of perspectives in business, education and neuropsychology, she facilitates laser accurate insight and strategic analysis. This way, the most effective tactical approach can be chosen and execution barriers melt away. Coaching with Natascha is an entertaining and energising conversation, reflecting your values and brief. Using diagrams and models, anecdotes and metaphors, she opens up perspectives and breaks down limits.

Chamundai Curran

Chamundai (Jackie) Curran, is a former lawyer, with 25 years’ of experience in training and conflict resolution. With a depth of professional experience built in the family law arena, she specialises in creating empowered relationships, resilience, wellness and effective teams. She has a wealth of experience and a passion for creating wellness for business, legal, and professional organisations. She has delivered training to legal, insurance, health and community organisations in Australia and overseas, and has been invited to speak at legal and dispute resolution conferences.

Training with Chamundai incorporates positive psychology, mindfulness, meditation, sound healing, laughter, wellness and ancient principles from Ayurveda, and yoga. Her individual and group training is effective and fun, bringing stillness, peace, productivity and harmony to workplaces.

Chamundai has a BA LLB, Diploma of Relationship Counselling, Accreditation as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and qualifications in Mediation, Arbitration and Energy Healing.

Nerio Baldini

Nerio Baldini is a trainer and consultant specialising in workplace conflict and bullying. He has presented at national and international conferences in his field. With over 35 years’ experience, Nerio is passionate about enabling managers and employees to use workplace conflict positively to improve their working lives.

Kari Sutton

Kari has spent over 20 years working with government departments, private sector businesses and Higher Education Institutions throughout Australia. She delivers training focused on wellbeing, emotional intelligence and engagement. Kari brings a strong foundation of current theory and research to her sessions as well as highly developed training and facilitation skills to create practical and dynamic learning and development experiences.

Tim Ricketts

Tim is a highly competent and skilled corporate trainer with over 20 years of teaching and training experience. He specialises in soft skills courses such as customer service, sales, communication, workplace wellness, emotional intelligence and personal development. He has founded his own education institute for children and more recently pioneered a leading Singapore based education brand as a master franchisee here in Sydney. A brand that has grown quickly to six centres across Sydney accommodating close to 1000 students and employing several dozen staff.

This accomplished educator holds a Bachelor Degree in Health Science, Masters Degree in Education, Post Graduate Diploma in Migration Law, Business Management Diploma and is an Internationally Certified NLP Practitioner.

Tricia Pye

Tricia is a powerhouse of energy, an engaging speaker and expert trainer with over 25 years’ digital literacy and office skills training expertise.

As a young entrepreneur based in the Illawarra-Trish started her first business—a secretarial service—in 1988 where she and her team offered administration support services to the corporate and educational sectors. Passionate about training and digital literacy empowerment. Trish has developed many accelerated training programs for clients and teachers around Australia—from basic computer skills to multi-media, desktop publishing and digital marketing.

Trish has spent many years consulting with and developing specialized training programs for the local and global markets. These have a strong focus on the future through educational consulting and education technology training—through technology-enabled Innovations in e-learning— She also delivers lifelong learning and integrated workplace learning—leverage digitisation. Her global mentoring and coaching is aimed at enhancing outcomes in international education, international work, business collaboration, start-ups and innovation, through global mindset organisations and universities.

She is committed to providing the most engaging, dynamic and up-to-date training in a supportive, fun and interactive, in—house or online environment.

Leanne Shaw

Leanne Shaw has more than 18 years’ experience in leading and motivating teams in the private, government and NFP sectors. Her sound understanding of what drives people makes it easy for her to connect with delegates and inspire them to create long-lasting, positive behavioural change and self-accountability. She has earned herself a reputation for being, authentic, engaging, and unconventional.

Her area of expertise lays in dramatically reducing workplace drama, guiding teams out of conflict, back into cohesion and creating conscious competence around difficult conversations.

Leanne is an accredited Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and also has qualifications in Frontline Management and Social Services (Disability) along with holding various state and district leadership positions in her 20-years as a service club volunteer.

Bernadette Bisseling

Bernadette’s career is best summarised under one driving intention: energising people. Over decades in the education and international corporate environment, she helped employees, teams, and managers excavate and cultivate their vital energy (also known as life force, or Chi). This lifelong experience resulted in her signature training: The Ultimate Energy Makeover.

Bernadette’s programs catapult teams dynamic to higher grounds. The solutions she brings through training address a range of well-being needs and challenges at the core of business success. The course leads participants to access and tap into the intrinsic reservoir of vitality we all have but seldom use effectively and strategically manage this Vital Energy across four dimensions – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The outcome that each participant reach is the ability to achieve and sustain a much higher level of performance in the workplace. For the organisation, the force driving the life of its workforce becomes the force that brings the organisation’s life to its next level of performance.

Bernadette’s broad international experience makes her ability to connect people from diverse countries and cultures invaluable. She makes everyone feel included and at ease. Additionally, her joie de vivre is contagious, and you will never see her running short on enthusiasm.

Bernadette delivers her informative and impactful training sessions as she lives her own life – with flair and a sense of panache – a living proof that once this Vital Energy is correctly utilised, one will experience life more fully for the benefit of everyone involved.

Troy Quaife

• Looking for a Corporate Trainer that changes behaviours to get the best out of your people, your customers and your business?
• Are you seeking some serious ROI on your training?
• Do you want your people to ‘high five’ you for bringing in the best, and saving them from a ‘snoozefest’?

Troy delivers high energy, high impact, training sessions that ensure everyone is engaged, entertained, challenged, charmed and changing.

For around 30 years, Troy has advocated for organisations to understand that every staff member in their organisation is integral to achieving exceptional results as an organisation. Starting his career in sales, he worked his way up firstly to lead the sales ladders which lead his way to management on the back of his acute awareness of the importance of providing exceptional customer experiences built on trust. His ability to support his team through effective feedback, performance management and mentoring ensured that Troy climbed the corporate ladder as the businesses he worked in also grew.

Troy believes that your ability to manage each individual effectively will take your business to a higher level. This involves regular scheduled, as well as side conversations about how people are genuinely performing – when they are doing well and when they need further development.  When you use the easily implemented techniques, you will build your team to be more effective, which therefore means that you will get better results and a more cohesive team which of course increases the bottom line.

“I make it my priority to understand your business priorities and needs. I am passionate about understanding the ‘ins and outs’ of what your people do, how they do it, why they do it, what challenges they face and how I can help them to provide better experiences internally and externally. I don’t deliver content, I discover people, I walk in their shoes and then I ‘flick switches and turn the lights on” for people so they take away learning that will stay with them forever.” 

“I read the room….I read the people…. I don’t read a script”.

Troy was awarded MBA Trainer of the Year in 2016, co-authored the book “Training Works – Better People, Better Bottom Line” and featured on the TV show “Trainers on Trial”. Troy has delivered training for Slater & Gordon, Marsh, Suncorp, Carrick Aland, St John Ambulance, Optimum Consulting, National Skin Cancer Clinics, The University of Queensland and many more. In these sessions, he demonstrated the importance of communicating with each other at all levels of the business to ensure that we are making the most of every opportunity. This experience is enriched by qualifications in Training and Assessment, Business, Frontline and Retail Management. Additionally, he is FISH! accredited and DISC.

Strap yourself in. Troy will have you ‘EnterTrained’ and changed forever.

John Wilson

John has 30 years of experience with The Procter & Gamble Company, ConAgra Foods, and Coca-Cola Bottling and is experienced in all phases of the product life cycle. Following assignment overseas, he was selected by global Engineering leadership for a 2 year assignment as “Dean” in P&G’s Global Engineer School. A recognized problem solver, he led the Benchmark team in P&G’s Annual Global Improvement awards, received ConAgra Foods’ FUEL award for improvements to manufacturing plants, and received the BRICK award for transforming company-wide work processes and leading change.

A graduate of the University of Illinois, John holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Graduate Certificate in Strategic Technology Management. He is a registered Professional Engineer (PE), a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and a Lean / Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB). John’s goal is to build skills within his client’s organization and transform business and technical processes to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and lead change.

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WeTrain’s style of delivery is interactive, engaging and fun. We encourage participants to make the training dynamic and enjoyable for all attendees.

It is generally presented as an engaging, interactive and fun one-day program, however, we can tailor the content to present a shorter session for conferences and events.

To ensure your training is relevant to your organisation and circumstances, we undertake an initial consultation, where we assess the skill level of your attendees, address your desired outcomes and find out valuable information about your company and its current set-up.

What Are Ideal Course Numbers?

Our courses are typically ‘hands-on’, so we suggest keeping numbers to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 people. This allows our trainer to interact with your entire team yet still have enough time to allow for one-to-one interactions.

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