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Personal Effectiveness Training

Personal Effectiveness Training

Help your team to be the best they can be by maximising their productivity and reaching their personal and professional goals. WeTrain will show your staff how to better manage their time, lower their stress and build their confidence.

Personal Effectiveness Training

Discover the principles of outstanding workplace performance and how to get the most from the resources and time available to you.

Time Management

Achieve more, in less time, without stress.

Business Etiquette

Master the art of winning friends and influencing people in a way that avoids blunders and fits today’s workplace.

Assertiveness Skills Training

Learn the skills to be confident and positive in the workplace, regardless of the circumstances.

Team Building

Achieve better results by building high performance business teams.

Anti-bullying and Harassment

Prevent bullying in your workplace and handle any allegations while proactively protecting your staff and business reputation.

Advanced Presentation Skills

Learn the secrets to delivering powerful, polished and persuasive presentations.

Conflict Management

Learn to manage conflict for better relationships as well as personal and professional growth.

Emotional Intelligence

Master your emotions for better personal and professional performance.


Learn to clear the mental clutter and focus on what is important for better results at work.

Negotiation Skills Training

Master the art of negotiation in the workplace for winning results that boost your organisation’s profits and your staff morale.

Networking for Success

Discover the right way to network and learn how to make the most of your contacts.

Workplace Wellbeing

Learn how to reduce stress for a healthier, happier and more productive workplace.

Conflict to Cohesion

This training will help your staff improve their productivity by removing the communication barriers that compromise it.

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