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The new world of more flexible working is here to stay!

The pandemic has disrupted many elements of daily life. In no area is this more evident than how we interact with one another in the workplace. Virtual meetings, text messaging or a good old phone call have replaced traditional face-to-face interactions.

The software – from video conferencing and messaging to project management – is available and relatively easy to master. But the way we interact with our peers will change. As opportunities to connect are limited, soft skills in the workplace have become more critical than ever. 

Here are the top three soft skills that are crucial now in today’s workplace:

  1. Mastering Time Management

The remote and blended working pattern marks a shift from turning up and being present every day in the workplace to goal orientation and getting things done. Put differently; it is more about counting one’s output than counting their hour. However, to make it work, employees and managers will need to adopt a potentially unfamiliar time management regime, coupled with a commitment to remaining productive in a potentially distracting environment.

  1. Excellent Communication

Company culture is hugely important. A good culture is where everyone pulls together as a team. And this requires a lot of excellent and effective communication. When the whole team or part of it is working remotely and can’t rely on the interactions in the office, body language, and facial cues, communication among the team is challenged. By upskilling the team’s communication, you can ensure that they uphold your company’s standards and deliver their goals despite not being physically in the same working space.

  1. Increased Emotional Intelligence

Thanks to technology, it’s never been easier to communicate. But in a blended working environment, a new etiquette comes into play. Managers can help by setting out policies to ensure the team can function. However, in the new world of work, where employees demand more and more flexibility, leaders will need to invest more time and effort into developing soft skills such as empathy and sensitivity.

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