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An appreciation of the importance conflict plays in the workplace and the best ways to handle it is something we at Upfront Communications are often asked to train on as it can make or break an organisation.

Conflict is a very normal part of healthy relationships. It’s not possible for everyone to agree about everything all the time. It is important to learn how to manage disagreements so that they do not harm relationships.

Conflict arises from the differences between people; it flares up when people disagree over something related to their values, motivation, and perception of things or their ideas. A lack of understanding can contribute to arguments, low productivity, and continued disputes. This in turn can lead to the total breakdown of important relationships.

When you acknowledge the legitimacy of conflict and are willing to examine issues in a cooperative environment, you can open the door to creative problem solving, more cohesive teams, and improved relationships. What is a Conflict?

o A conflict is more than just a disagreement. A conflict comes with a threat that must be dealt with in order for the threatened party to be able to move beyond the situation.

o Conflicts become more serious when they are ignored. Conflicts stay with us and often become greater in magnitude until we resolve them.

o Perception colours our reactions and triggers emotions. This makes it difficult for us to remain objective, even when we look at the facts.

o Conflicts trigger our emotional hot buttons. We aren’t always at our best when working through conflict. Learning how to manage conflict during emotionally stable periods helps us to manage conflict more effectively.

o Conflict brings growth. Although we aren’t often able to acknowledge it in the heat of things, when we resolve conflict in our relationships, we are also building trust. In relationships with high levels of trust, we feel more secure, knowing that our relationship will survive, and ultimately get even stronger.

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