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Savvy Sales Training Courses

Savvy Sales Training Courses

Today’s customers are harder to impress than ever. Equip your team with the strategies and tools they need to improve and build relationships and gain a competitive edge with our industry leading sales skills courses.

Savvy Sales

Discover how to master the art of ‘Savvy Selling’, using new strategies that deliver great results for your organisation and your customers.


How to boost sales, improve customer relations and gain a competitive edge using this powerful business tool.

Negotiation Skills

Master the art of negotiation in the workplace for winning results that boost your oganisation’s profits and your staff morale.

Influence and Persuasion

Influence is about more than winning friends! Learn this important skill for better success in business.

Marketing and Sales

Achieve better results from your marketing, no matter what your budget.

Sales Presentations

Blow their minds and win new business with effective and professional sales presentations.

Telephone Training

Learn how to use a range of skills and tools to increase sales, enhance customer relations and increase productivity.

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