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Mindfulness Training

Learn to clear the mental clutter and focus on what is important for better results at work.

Training Overview

In this hyper-stimulating world, it can be easy to be swept up in a rising tide of social media, marketing messages and to-do lists. As a result, we lose the power to simply ‘be’.

The term Mindfulness refers to taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate the things around us. Practising this technique can reduce anxiety, limit the impact of daily stressors and help you better prioritise the tasks and people which are truly important.

This course shares the concept of Mindfulness and will show your team how to put it into practice. By offering this training to your team, you can help them to improve their productivity and their personal wellbeing.

Practical and energising, this workshop is interactive, engaging and fun. We encourage participation to make the training dynamic and enjoyable for all attendees.

What You’ll Learn

WeTrain’s Mindfulness Training course is tailored to meet your company’s unique situation and goals. Each course will vary depending on your circumstances but will likely include some of the following topics and material:

  • What mindfulness is and why it is important in the fast-paced, modern world
  • The physical and mental benefits of practicing mindfulness
  • How mindfulness can help you at home, at play and in the workplace
  • Practicing mindfulness in a formal and informal way
  • How to take the pressure off a full mind in order to find more personal and professional clarity
  • How breathing and visualisation can improve your mindfulness
  • Being mindful of your hunger and mindful eating for better health
  • Applying mindfulness as a regular part of your day to reduce stress and gain clarity
  • How mindfulness can make you more resilient as a professional
  • … and more

The Benefits of Mindfulness Training For You and Your Organisation

Being mindful allows us to appreciate the important things in life and feel less caught up by the ‘small stuff’ and the daily grind.

For staff who feel pressure to do well, understanding how to be mindful can make a difference to their confidence, their stress levels and their performance at work.

Organisations which have taken part in Mindfulness training report the following benefits:

  • Happier, more engaged staff who experience less stress and anxiety
  • Staff who are better able to prioritise and pay attention to what is important
  • Increased productivity in the areas which are most profitable to the business
  • More positive customer feedback thanks to improved customer experiences
  • Better business results

Who Should Attend Mindfulness Training?

WeTrain’s Mindfulness program is suitable for anyone in any industry. Experience and customer feedback have told us that Mindfulness training is beneficial threefold: for the attendees, the organisation and ultimately, the customer.

Employees who will find the course content helpful include:

  • Call centre operators
  • Customer-facing staff
  • Team leaders, supervisors and managers
  • Internal staff members
  • Your Executive team

As your course is unique to your company, we tailor it to the appropriate level and audience relevance. Just tell us your requirements.

How is the Course Delivered?

WeTrain’s Mindfulness course is generally presented as an engaging, interactive and fun one-day program, however we can tailor the content to present a shorter session for conferences and events.

We aim to deliver training which is completely relevant for your business and your team. That’s why we undertake an initial consultation, where we assess the skill level of your attendees, address your desired outcomes and find out valuable information about your company and its current set-up.

Remember, it’s your course, so you get to decide where it takes place. We are happy to teach WeTrain’s Mindfulness program either from your workplace or at a venue of your choice.

Convenient Training at Your Premises or Off-Site

WeTrain can come to your office if you have the right space and facilities to host your training, or we can talk about off-site venues to conduct your training.

What Are Ideal Course Numbers?

Our courses are typically ‘hands-on’, so we suggest keeping numbers to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 people. This allows our trainer to interact with your entire group yet still have enough time to allow for one-to-one interactions.

If your group exceeds 12, we will happily structure your training program to meet the needs of a larger audience. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What is effortless customer service?

Effortless customer service refers to the concept of providing a seamless and frictionless experience for customers when they interact with a business or company's customer support services. The goal of effortless customer service is to minimize the effort required from customers to get their issues resolved, questions answered, or requests fulfilled.

How do you deliver an effortless customer experience?

Delivering an effortless customer experience requires a strategic and customer-centric approach that focuses on streamlining interactions, anticipating needs, and minimising friction throughout the customer journey.

Effortless customer experience is an ongoing effort that requires continuous monitoring and adaptation based on customer feedback and evolving preferences. 

What will you achieve by making the customers' current and future experience effortless?

Focusing on an effortless customer experience yields a range of benefits that contribute to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, brand perception, and business success in both the short and long term.

Can you give an example of a company known for its effortless customer service?

One company that is often cited for its exceptional effortless customer service is Amazon. Amazon has built its reputation on providing a seamless and convenient customer experience across various aspects of its business.

Amazon's commitment to convenience, accessibility, and a frictionless experience has helped it establish a reputation as a customer-centric company. 

Is effortless customer service applicable across all industries?

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Retail and E-commerce: Effortless customer service is highly applicable here. Customers expect easy online shopping, quick deliveries, and hassle-free returns. Brands that prioritize convenience tend to thrive.

Hospitality and Travel: From booking accommodations to travel arrangements, providing an effortless experience is crucial. Smooth check-ins, responsive support during travel disruptions, and personalized recommendations contribute to customer satisfaction.

Technology and Software: In the tech industry, providing user-friendly interfaces, clear documentation, and efficient technical support aligns with the principles of effortless customer service.

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What are examples of harassment?

Harassment can manifest in various forms including verbal, physical, or psychological abuse. Examples include unwanted sexual advances, derogatory comments, and creating a hostile work environment. Our Anti-Bullying and Harassment course covers how to identify these behaviours and effectively address them.


What is an example of an anti-bullying policy?

An anti-bullying policy generally outlines unacceptable behaviours, reporting mechanisms, and consequences for perpetrators. Our Anti-Bullying and Harassment course provides guidance on how to formulate and implement such policies effectively, ensuring a safer workplace for everyone.


What is the most common type of harassment?

Sexual harassment is often cited as the most common type, but verbal and online harassment are also prevalent. In our Anti-Bullying and Harassment course, we explore various types of harassment and offer strategies for prevention and response, suitable for any workplace setting.


What are the effects of anti-bullying programs?

Effective anti-bullying programs can drastically reduce instances of harassment, improve workplace culture, and enhance overall productivity. We measure the success of our Anti-Bullying and Harassment course through case studies and feedback, ensuring that it makes a tangible impact.


How can we prevent harassment in workplaces?

Preventing harassment starts with creating a culture of respect and accountability. Our Anti-Bullying and Harassment course teaches employees and managers alike how to recognise signs of harassment and act promptly to mitigate it. We also delve into preventive measures like bystander training and anonymous reporting channels.


What is the best defence against harassment?

The best defence is a proactive approach that includes education, policy implementation, and creating a culture of zero tolerance. Our Anti-Bullying and Harassment course equips you with the tools you need to establish these preventive measures effectively.

Some of the Organisations
we have worked with include:

In operation for 25 years, WeTrain has worked with companies from around Australia.

What Our Customers Say

“The RIRDC Rural Women’s Award has enjoyed a two-year long relationship with WeTrain. The Award is a leadership and capacity building initiative and we employ their trainers to teach our Award recipients to present professionally and with confidence. Judeth was our trainer and her workshops are the stand-out workshops of our program, because she empowers people and she offers strategic and practical support and tools. I love the way Judeth practices what she preaches, she puts a lot of work into preparing for her workshops and has an intimate knowledge of our recipients, so ensuring solid connections and maximising the benefits of the learnings. And the results speak for themselves. Our Award recipients have delivered incredibly powerful and moving presentations thanks to Judeth’s efforts”

Edwina Clowes, National Coordinator – RIRDC Rural Women’s Award

“Thank you for delivering a great workshop that gave our staff the feedback, tips and confidence they needed to deliver professional presentations. The workshops were well considered and catered to the different learning styles and experience levels in our different teams. The sessions were enjoyed by all and were very beneficial. I would highly recommend the training”

Santi Burridge, Director, Treysta Wealth Management

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